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¡¡  ¡¡The Jiangsu Huaqiang printing machinery Limited company, builds in 1980. The specialty is engaged in each stereotypia machine, the stretching machine, the mercerizer cloth shears, the chain link, the needle valve seat, the needle board, the Run slide, the road axle, the twitch roller and so on, even net print works shaving knife, shaving knife support, cylinder mold print works stuffy prime printing mechanical fitting and each kind of mechanical seal research and development, production and sale.

¡¡¡¡  Company for many years production ¡°Huaqiang¡± (HQ) printing mechanical fitting qualities and so on sign cloth shears, chain link stable reliable, specification great variety of goods, has several hundred kind of specification products to select and purchase for the customer.

¡¡  ¡¡The company has the very strong production and development ability. The product sells in distant markets more countries and the area. At present is the domestic scale is biggest, the technical force strongest cloth shears, chain link's production base.

¡¡  ¡¡This company take the top quality, the good prestige, provides satisfaction sincerely as the user community the service, welcome the domestic and foreign new-old friends to come wholeheartedly to visit the instruction!

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